Bakmie Yamien Jakarta located in Bali has the main innovation that is in the blend of quality seasoning with the right dose to make the chicken taste so delicious. Another innovation lies in its noodles with high quality flavor and flour. The noodle processed and produced by itself FREE MATERIALS, CHEMICAL & IN GUARANTEED HALAL, Bakmie soft, smooth and not easily broken, Bakmie with delicious flavors at an affordable price.


Special Menu Bakmie Yamin Jakarta is as follows:

  • Bakmie Keriting Jakarta
  • Bakmie Yamien Jakarta
  • Bihun Goreng Jakarta
  • Kwetiau Goreng Jakarta
  • Nasi Goreng Jakarta
  • Nasi Goreng Hongkong

Bakmi Yamin Jakarta Having production with following criteria:

  • Bakmie Yamien
  • Bakmie Lebar
  • Bakmie Keriting
  • Baso Ayam
  • Baso Ikan
  • Baso Sapi Urat
  • Baso Sapi Halus
  • Baso Keju
  • Baso Telor
  • Pangsit Rebus / Pangsit Goreng
  • Otak Otak Ikan / Tempura
  • Baso Tahu