Bakmie Yamien Jakarta was established since 2000 with the experience of cooking in hotel and become a cooking consultant in various hotel, culinary and hospitallity in Jakarta, Jogja and Klaten. In early 2009, Bakmie Ayam Jakarta changed the concept of selling to settle by opening kiosks in West Jakarta, Jogja, Klaten, and Bali. The public response is very good. If you pingin see directly while tasting this chicken noodle food, you can come to the outlet address that is already available.

Bakmie Yamien Jakarta is able to create a taste of chicken bakmie so distinctive that much different from chicken noodle on the market, namely “Bakmie Yamien Jakarta”. Take the name Jakarta because the flavor of noodles and chicken is strong and identical to the taste of typical chicken Jakarta.

Bakmie Yamien Jakarta has a major innovation that is in the blend of quality seasoning with the right dose to make the chicken taste so delicious. Another innovation lies in its noodles with high quality flavor and flour.

Menu Bakmie Yamien Jakarta:

  • Bakmie Chicken Jakarta + Polos
  • Bakmie Chicken Jakarta + Chicken
  • Bakmie Chicken Jakarta + Beef Bakso
  • BakMie Chicken Jakarta + Bakso Chicken
  • Bakmie Chicken Jakarta + Meatball Fish
  • Bakmie Chicken Jakarta + Boiled Dumplings
  • Bakmie Chicken Jakarta + Fried Dumplings

Bakmie Yamien Jakarta Have raw bakmie production with following criteria:

  • Small Bakmie
  • Bakmie Wide
  • Bakmie Curly Premium
  • Super Curly Bakmie
  • Bakmie Green Curling
  • Bakmie culry noodle KW

Bakmie Yamien Jakarta will always innovate on the products and the menu will always increase, given the huge market opportunity of chicken noodle lovers. Of course, improving the quality of our processed products products will always be maintained through the selection of raw materials with the best quality and supply of raw materials are assured.

Partner Opportunity
Beginning in 2016, Bakmie Yamien Jakarta began to be glimpsed by customers and prospective partners who are interested in culinary business, so that in february 2016, Bakmie Yamien Jakarta business expands wings on business opportunities that partner.

Why Bakmie Yamien Jakarta the Right Choice to Invest?

System of cooperation with the concept of WIN WIN, free royalty monthly, and free from advertising fee.
Chicken noodle is a food substitute for rice that is immune to crisis and do not know the season.
The market share is very wide, can be enjoyed by all society.
Bakmie Yamien Jakarta has a SECRET FORMULA SECRET RECESSES typical chicken flavor with flavor of Jakarta
Mild investment, risk of money, with optimal results.
Very easy operation.
Partners receive complete and clear training support and guidance
Supporting Partnership (Center)

Guarantee suply of raw materials.
Preparing training of employees who have been trained according to the standard BakMie chicken Jakarta
Branding and promotion design
Bakmie is soft, smooth and not easily broken
Baakmie with delicious flavors at an affordable price


Bakmie Yamien Jakarta has more than 15 years of experience and business.
Needed by the community, noodles are a substitute for rice and proven to be immune to the economic crisis
Raw materials easy to be, noodle raw materials in support from the center.
Not violating the existing norms in the community, the products are halal and free of MSG, Preservatives and Chemicals
Bakmie Yamien Jakarta has become a staple food substitute for rice, its business is easy to run.
The rights and obligations of the parties are balanced

Supporting management from production
Marketing and product development.
Having SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for production
Marketing and Product development
Interested in this business, please fill in the form below, to immediately get a response from the business owner. In addition you will get a response from management.


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